Imagine you changed the world through food. 

This is your chance. 

Our worst problems as a society— hunger, poor health, injustice, greed, and overuse of resources—are all linked to food. By positively changing food-related behaviors, such as reducing your meat consumption and cooking with healthy ingredients, you can help alleviate these problems.

Food is essential. It is universal. It involves feeding, cooking, and sharing. It is a natural vehicle for progress and positive change. 

Today we invite you to take our Food Citizenship Prescription Pledge as partners in this change. 

Food Citizenship is about positively engaging in food-related behaviors to support a shared responsibility for improving our health, well-being, equity, prosperity and planet through food. As the catalyst for promoting food citizenship, WiseTribe is asking for your support to help us in this cause. Please donate today and become a WiseTribe change maker!

Your $25 monthly donation gets you 15 weeks of Food Citizenship Prescriptions. These scripts begin to heal local and global problems connected to food. Your pledge will enable us to build a Food Citizenship Institute at South Tech Preparatory Academy, a Title 1 charter school in Boynton Beach where 95% of the student body is living at or below the poverty line. 

You will also receive previews of the impact we are creating together by building South Tech’s Food Citizenship Institute before we share them with our followers. And you will receive invites to volunteer and donor opportunities to promote this important project.


With over 1000 hours expended in the last three years, WiseTribe has been building youth sustainability leadership programs through food with students in local Title 1 schools. These programs are preparing our local youth and their families to better understand how the systems that influence our economy, our health, and well-being and the planet are connected and interdependent. 
WiseTribe’s mission is to model healthy behaviors for our students, especially those that are part of underserved communities that have felt the inequities related to food and health arising from the pandemic.

When the pandemic hit, WiseTribe set up a food solutions program to provide nutritious food to over 40 families financially impacted by the pandemic. These families are connected to the local youth WiseTribe mentors and serve as part of its food sustainability programming efforts.

Thanks to a group of devoted volunteers, donors, and partners, WiseTribe was able to serve over 200 people on a weekly basis and delivered over 15,000 pounds of food over a 5 month period from April to August. 


Our experience delivering food provided us the opportunity to witness first hand the struggles families are facing.

The pandemic and its aftermath have clearly pinpointed where our organization and our supporters can leverage our resources to bring about positive change.


By collectively embracing food as a fundamental tool for positive change and supporting WiseTribe’s efforts through your donation and volunteerism, you will help us launch our community’s first Food Citizenship Institute and educate our youth on the power of healthy food and it’s positive impact on our children, our community and our society. 

Join us. Take the Pledge. Watch Food Citizenship grow in size and effectiveness. Be part of the foundation to prepare our youngsters to build a healthier, wiser lifestyle and global environment.



"My daughter has gained a sense of using her voice to speak up for change and she has been encouraged to pursue her leadership ideas for a sustainable future because of WiseTribe."

Milly, Mother of Valeria, a Jr WiseTriber

“We are increasing our capacity to prepare youth for the reality of a complex and interconnected world because of WiseTribe."  

Nicole Handy, Principal, South Tech Preparatory Academy 

“WiseTribe encourages me to keep the dream of being both a farmer and an engineer. By being both, I could help solve a lot of problems.”

Henry, 6th from STP


When you purchase a #WiseFood t-shirt you make the world a little wiser and healthier because it supports WiseTribe's school and community food solutions projects.




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